A neighbor of Torremuelle has been attacked

The 8th of August 2013, about 17:00. A neighbor of Torremuelle was attacked in public area Torremuelle watchtower; near Restaurante El Mirador (soon called Blankko). According to the complaint that is recorded in the police and judged, the presumed perpetrators are the president of the General Community Torremuelle Urbanization, Kamran Motamedi, and his brother.

According to the complaint collection, Kamran Motamedi presumably attacked, together with his brother, a neighbour of this urbanization, causing him total loss of vision in one eye when said neighbour accessed to the public area of the watchtower. Motamedi brothers had, allegedly, beaten our neighbour, of 60 years old, giving him serious blows in his left eye and head, while two other men held and immobilized him, besides numerous kicks around his body when our neighbor would have been thrown by the suspected attackers. Trial is still not date.

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