Torremuelle neighbours request the resignation its president Kamran Motamedi, for its imputation in "very grave acts"

Almost a month ago the residents of Torremuelle requested, in writing, to the Board of the community owners the resignation of its president Kamran to, and they have not pronounced still. Why?

Torremuelle neighbours have requested the resignation of its president because they have official documentation that prove of various open legal procedures in different criminal courts due to various reasons, pending of trial and subsequent sentences. All them impute to the President of the Community, and owner of the restaurant Blankko, Kamran.
One of judicial proceedings which has roused fear between Torremuelle neighbourhood is that Kamran Motamedi will be judged on Wednesday 11 February, for a supposed "serious acts" (for a suspected crime of drugs production, possession and trafficking) which seriously affect the image of his position as representative that performs in this urbanization. The trial will be hold at 10:45 am at the Criminal Court No. 3 of Málaga.

Another court procedure that he has pending is the case happened on August 2013 when he presumably attacked, together with his brother, a neighbour of this urbanization, causing him total loss of vision in one eye when said neighbour accessed to the public area of the watchtower. According to the complaint that is recorded in the judged, Motamedi brothers had, allegedly, beaten our neighbour, of 60 years old, giving him serious blows in his left eye and head, while two other men held and immobilized him, besides numerous kicks around his body when our neighbor would have been thrown by the suspected attackers. Trial is still not date.

In view of the situation we are living in the community, the neighbourhood group VETO (Vecinos Torremuelle) registered last January 7 a written in the Office of the Community in which they asked the Board to proceed to ask the resignation of President and immediately convene an extraordinary general meeting at which the main point should be the choice and appointment of a new president, because "there are evidences and reasons for it, because somehow become an executive officer also is honorary and therefore he should be away from it at least until judicial sentence the different causes. "To date, the neighbours have not received a response from the Board yet. Why?

Concha Cifrián (PP), Kamran Motamedi, Enrique Moya (PP)

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  1. Guardian Civil from Alhaurin de la Torre knows for some years that the president from Torremuelle is involved in drug related issues and has taken steps to investigate him and some of his relations. This was all made public at the asamblea from 2012. Eusebio Lopez, Christina Flores and all the other members joined the president with the cover up of this serious events however they could not stop the spanish justice system who has brought the case to court.