Reasons why we are demanding the immediate resignation of the president Mr. Motamedi

For all of these arguments we disapprove the management and attitude of the president Mr. Motamedi. For all of that we demand his immediate resignation. Although by statutes you have four months more of mandate.

1. The signature for two agreements with the town hall without to request the real warranties to receive all the public facilities supplying all the services and maintenances of the urbanization, causing a high cost to us. Over 3.000.000 euros along the last five years and doubling the bill of the water services.

2. Signing with private companies contracts that never have had any other competitive company without the specifically approval of the general assembly for services that supply the town hall.

3. High cost to make several works and to supply services on public facilities and private properties without the previous approval of the general assembly.

4. Do not answer to the notary petitions of owners requiring you documents, contracts, etc to clear those works and services.

5. Hiding to the general assembly two judgments from the court proceedings against to the town hall.

6. Hiding to the General Assembly during several years the lawyer fees of Mrs. Inmaculada Gálvez concerning the two cases cited above.

7. Hiding to the general assembly the discount in your quotas over your property “Restaurant Blankko” enjoyed more than twenty years.

8. He has broken the statute rules in the article number twelve, delaying the date of the assembly.

9. Extending illegally and unfair the general budget during eight months without any legal arguments.

10. The dark presentation of the accounting without sufficient details to identify exactly every expenditure presenting only the balance.

11. Do not presenting the full balance where we can know our real situation of the rights.

12. To present in only one balance the total amount of the debtors which means they cannot know the real possibility to recover their debits.

13. The modification and use of an area adjacent to the watchtower to be used as extension of your property.

14. The deterioration of the image of this urbanization coming from your penal trial to make really sad to every world in this urbanization.


10-09-15. Kamran Motamedi, owner of Blankko and President of Torremuelle, declared himself guilty of drug trafficking

02-02-15. Torremuelle neighbours request the resignation its president Kamran Motamedi, for its imputation in "very grave acts"

28-03-15. The Guardia Civil has carried out the operation, baptised "Torremuelle", and disarticulates an organised group dedicated to the cultivation of marihuana

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