The payment of the community does not has sense. 600 neighbours who have cancelled the payment of the community fees.

Dear owner of the urbanisation Torremuelle, the next annual general meeting will be hold on november 21st 2015. You can check in the documents attached that there are around six hundred owners who have already cancelled the payment of the community fees for this urbanisation. The whole of them disagree with the payment of these community fees because they think it is not logical to pay for some services that must be made by the town hall.

So, we invite you to think about this issue before to vote or before to give your proxy vote to anybody else.

We think that nobody can force you to pay two times for the same service.

By the municipal law we must be an entity of conservation for the facilities because they are totally public.

The budget for the urbanisation Torrequebrada is bigger than Torremuelle´s budget. Its yearly budget is 90.000 euros maximum. They are an Entity of Conservation and they only include in their budget speciffical concepts for its maintenance. All the services are given by the town hall and then if they want more extra services they have to pay for them.

Other urbanizations are Bahia Quebrada, and Nueva Torrequebrada, they were formed initially as community owners but they disappeared several years ago and the town hall gives them all the maintenance services.

Inside the perimeter of Torremuelle urbanisation is located Arcadia (another small urbanisation), they need and use all the facilities of Torremuelle, such as: street, lighting, gardens of cost.

Why do we have to pay for the maintenance of the public gardens, public street, public lighting, etc., if everybody uses and enjoys all these facilities, not only Torremuelle owners?

The Association of Neighbours from Torremuelle (VETO) presented to the town hall a letter with many questions. One of these questions was to ask for a list with all the urbanisations in Benalmádena which are receiving all the municipal maintenance services by the town hall. The town hall didn´t answer to this question. They only said that they have the freedom to give or not to give this benefit to the urbanisation that they decide.

Dear neighbour, there are several urbanisations where the town hall pays for all the maintenance services.

We have the opportunity to claim seriously to the town hall in order to receive the same treatment that other urbanisations. Really this could happened when our president, Mr. Motamedi, delivered the water from our urbanisation to the town hall (the water that before to all the community owners of Torremuelle, totally free of taxes). Now, we have the pay for the consecuences of this action made by Mr. Motamedi (a high cost for the water charged by Emabesa).

But Mr. Motamedi never defended our rights and interests, as he is very busy with his business and he is also defending himself in his penal cases in the court. At the moment, he was set up as guilty by the judge in the court with a sentence of two years in prision for traffic drugs, and other criminal matters due to the damage made to one owner of Torremuelle who was physically attacked by him.

Do you know that the property who belongs to the president, Restaurante Blankko, has a big discount in the community fees, made many years ago? The discount is around 50%.

The statutes says that each property must pay according to the potencial legal volume (if it can be built or not). According to the town hall, his property is located in a potential area to build 20 apartments in two levels, he can occupate the total of the surfase of the plot. He never gives information and explanation for this discount.

According with the urbanisation statutes he called for the a.g.m (assembly meeting) seven months later of the legal time of the meeting. His presidency time will finish on next april, 2016 (in four months).

The presentation of the accounts are not clear enough, they do not include the details for each payment.

We ignore all the contract for these private services, when and who has approved them and in which conditions in comparison with other companies.

There are many matters that we must know and to put in clear.

Are you happy that this person continues as president of Torremuelle for this period up to april 2.016 (next four months)?

Are you ready to vote him or give him your proxy vote?

Please, for the general interests, for the image of this urbanisation and for your own interest; we suggest to think about this decision for the next assembly.

As request of the Association of Neighbours of Torremuelle (VETO), is going to be hold an informative act in the British College of Torremuelle on Saturday, 14th of November at 10:00 a.m., in which the lawyer, Mrs. Inmaculada Gálvez, will take part.

During the same will be explained the reasons why numerous neighbours have stopped paying for the community fees and the legal measures that are going to be taken to request the town hall to assume the maintenance of this urbanisation, such as the last sentence of the judicial court requests.

As the topics to consider are important for our urbanisation and they affect our personal economy, we request that you attend to this colloquium.

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  1. The owner M.K. sends us to our email the following message:


    The community meeting is scheduled to be on 21st of November.

    According to the Agenda anyone who is not current in their community payments is excluded from voting. The exclusion list covers about 530+ properties. This is highly irregular and the community board should reconsider this voting practice, as they at the end may become personally liable from decisions impacting the community.

    If everything is carried forward, a forever diminishing minority will decide all community issues. This is likely not in the best interest of the community.

    The community has to pay what it owes. It is also clear that all property owners must have the right to vote to correct any arising problems as long as they own the title to the property!

    What is the status of Benalmadena vs. Torremuelle Community municipal responsibilities regarding services and utilities?

    The President of the Community should resign himself based on the reported criminal case against him where he was deemed guilty and given a two year prison sentence.