Protest "NO TO THE SINGLE LANE". Calling: Sunday, Septembre 12, 2021

The platform of "Affected by the single lane" has sent us the following statement inviting us to attend this Sunday, September 12, a motorized protests that will depart from the Los Molinillos roundabout at 11:00 hours and that has as objective to show the rejection of the elimination of a traffic lane on the coast:


Dear neighbors of Benalmádena, 

Due to the measures taken by the Hon.City Council, unilaterally and without taking into account the opinion of the residents, we call on all the neighbors to demonstrate against the suppression of traffic lanes on Av. Antonio Machado and Av. Alay, in order to prevent our coastline from becoming a gigantic traffic jam, affecting the various arteries of the entire city such as the descent from Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and La Leala, making our day to day, and that of residents of neighboring cities, a real hell, leaving an image grotesque to tourism that has also been harmed by this measure that they want to impose on us. 

Those of us who are calling for this demonstration are neighbors, fathers and mothers, hard-working and very normal people who are not linked to any political party or ideology. We are only motivated by the defense of common sense and the well-being of all. 

Since the creation of the single lane, we have seen a total degradation of the image of Benalmádena and we want to stop this nonsense. We want to be able to get to our jobs, take our children to their schools, their sports clubs, do the shopping wherever we please in this city, etc ..., without having to get into endless retentions for this. 

We invite you all to participate, without exception, from the conviction that unity is strength and that only by complaining on social networks we are not going anywhere. 

We also invite you to join all professional and leisure groups in our peaceful protest, in which traffic laws and Covid protocols will be respected, and good education and manners will prevail. We will respect the traffic and Covid laws and good manners will be our rules. 

DEPARTURE: At 11:00hrs : departure with our means of transport from the Molinillos roundabout to the Flatotel roundabout and then to the Plaza Solymar. 

At 12:30hrs : people will gather in front of the Casa de la Cultura of Arroyo de la Miel. 

It will be a family and friendly atmosphere and we will try to have the best time possible. We will record videos for social medias and create our Tiktok movement #NOALCARRILUNICO (undertand: No to the single lane). 

We will invite the media that have already given us echo. 

Share and spread this invitation with your families, friends and acquaintances, taxi drivers, transporters, bikers clubs, and all those who are affected. 

Remember that in addition to eliminating traffic lanes, they are planning to eliminate the median with its more than 200 palm trees and create a funnel in the marina by eliminating a lane on Av. Alay. We count on you!

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