The president of Torremuelle, Kamran Motamedi, is sentenced to 20 months in prison for attacking a neighbor of this urbanization

The Provincial Court of Malaga has sentenced the president of Torremuelle, Kamran Motamedi, to 20 months in prison for attacking a neighbor of this urbanization, as well as the prohibition to communicate with the victim for two years and six months. Similarly, the president's brother and two other people who joined the dispute have also received the same sentence. The four defendants have declared themselves authors of the facts and have accepted the sentence imposed by the court.

This incident was occurred during the afternoon of August 8, 2013, in the public area of the look-out Tower of Torremuelle, when Motamedi brothers and our neighbour started an exchange of words as consequence of the illegal works that they were being carried out in the surroundings of the monument. At one point, "with the intention of undermining his physical integrity", they began to beat him.

Likewise, the legal ruling says, then two other defendants (they were workers who were carrying out the works in the surroundings of the Tower) joined to hold our neighbour, immobilising him so that Kamran Motamedi and his brother could hit him several punches on his face. Our neighbour fell on the ground, who taking advantage of his defenseless, started kicking his body.

As a result of this, the man suffered several contusions, bruises and retinal detachment, requiring three operations and taking 265 days to heal. Among the sequelae, he presents loss of vision in one eye, without possible improvement, as well as reactive depressive disorder.

In addition to the jail sentence, the four convicts are also sentenced to compensate the victim with 95,000 euros in reparation for the damage caused.

Convicted to two years of prison for trafficking of drugs

In September 2015, Kamran Motamedi declared himself guilty in the Criminal Court of Malaga because of production, possession and drug trafficking. He has been convicted to two years in prison and 4000€ of fine (HERE).

Motamedi recognized the felony as part an agreement between lawyers and prosecutor, so it was not necessary the statement of the witnesses neither the agents of Civil Guard.

The president of Torremuelle and the other person implicated who accompanied him, C.J.D.S., have recognized to be the perpetrators of the laboratory that was dismantled by the Civil Guard in a house in Alhaurín de la Torre on March 2012, where they expected to grow marijuana in big scale

In the sentence says that Motamedi had material for growing marijuana in the basement of the Hotel Vista de Rey.

And the material for growing marijuana was transported from Torremuelle to Alhaurin de la Torre with the van of the community.

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  1. Can someone please get rid of this «president» as soon as possible?