Open letter from a resident of Torremuelle addressed to all the community members of this urbanization

At the request of a resident of the Torremuelle urbanization, D. Javier Mallo Rodríguez, we transcribe below his letter addressed to all the community members of this urbanization:

Owners of Torremuelle

I, Javier Mallo Rodriguez, owner in this Urbanization and a regular at the General Meetings of the Urbanization tin order to participate and defend its proper functioning, want to share my concern about the mistreatment suffered by the current President, Kamran Motamedi, who has been in the position 12 years without charging.

Who has to come and go to and from the Urbanization since he does not have a house nor does he live in it. That to go to the meetings, he have to collect many representations, last year 72 (which requires a great effort).

In his spirit of sacrifice, last year he convened the neighborhood council for December 23 in the gardens of the Urbanization, at 10 in the morning; The situation must be serious, spending cold and humidity in the gardens, and leaving his job, because it is a weekday and with loss of memory of being Christmas for Christians.

He told us at the beginning of the meeting - "I bring all the representations necessary to make decisions in the Board" - What did he mean? - What is loaded with all the weight of power? - So that?

In addition, there was no other member of the Board of Directors - For what reason?

Why were we going to suffer cold, discomfort and waste of time preparing for Christmas uselessly?

Since with so much effort to keep his position his memory failed him and he forgot to give the President's report on the state of the Community, and in my opinion he forgets to avoid more sacrifices.

Report points. That he has gone to negotiate with the City Council for the demolition sentence of the Vista del Rey Hotel and the situation of the Rackets Club.

This hotel has had multiple police interventions for being a focus of squatters, drug sales and fights between "customers".In his amnesia, he has forgotten to ask the neighboring residents (the main victims) what they proposed and to inform them about what he has negotiated about all this.

The hotel is under construction without a license and with a sign of opening soon.

-Where did the sentence of demolition go?-

Regarding the Racket Club, it does not have a Building Permit, nor a First Occupation Permit, nor an Opening Permit, nor an environmental impact study, nor electricity and water counters. And of course, the closest neighbors will sufer the "ping-pang" of the balls until who knows what time.

- Why didn´t he sent the owners a copy of the Racket Club contract? I have personally requested a copy of this contract, safeguarding the Data Protection Law, and I have been denied - What is it that he does not want to be known?

On the other hand - What are the reasons why delinquency (on the bills) is so high? -

- And has he also forgotten to inform all the owners and neighbors about his conviction for assaulting a neighbor in this community?

Then, going on to analyze the records of the year 2022. What worries me the most is the amnesia manifested in the Meeting Minutes.

The Administrator summarizes more than three hours of meeting in a page and a half.

About point 2; Many owners have told him that the accounts were not well presented nor did they clarify income and expenses, but the President approves this point thanks to the representations he has in his possession, but the minutes do not include the accounts corresponding to this point. Everything is approved unanimously because only one person votes, Kamran Motamedi, and the person he elected as vice president supports him.

On point 7; The Minutes do not state that the renewal of the positions corresponding to 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Secretary was carried out without these people being even present at the meeting and at the proposal of Mr. Motamedi, and they are approved by him, thanks to the representations that has with him.

I presented myself for the position of President and after the Administrator asked me three times if I maintained the proposal, and I answered yes three times, in his amnesia, he did not record it in the Minutes.

In this way, my concern about the current state of sacrifice of the President of this Community and the numerous manifestations of amnesia and forgetfulness, irregularities and lack of communication in which we owners are plunged is manifested.

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